Wooden Privacy Fencing


The Benefits of Wooden Privacy Fences

A traditional and classic choice, wooden privacy fences are both functional and beautiful. With the ability to stain your wooden fence to meet your preferences, this is a truly customizable option that will meet your fencing needs for years to come.

  • Adaptable - With the freedom to either stain or paint a wooden fence, you can truly customize them to look the way you want. You also have the freedom to strip the wood and stain it a new color as your preferences change.

  • Durable - For a fence that can last decades, wood is a long-term solution to your fencing needs. With the proper care and maintenance, wood fences often last about 20 years.

  • Private - With solid planks, wood fences offer your property the privacy you’re after. Keep prying eyes from being able to see everything on your property with a wood fence installation.

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